Updating the 1950 ranch style home

"The outside of our house is just not pretty," declares Marco Leal, who has lived in this Idaho ranch with his partner, Eric Wride, for about a year, focusing on interior upgrades.To help them reimagine their home's plain exterior, we asked designer Richard O'Leary for some curb appeal suggestions.Over the last decade we’ve spent quite a bit of time and energy remodeling mid-century modern homes (MCMs).We admire the original design of these homes and it’s always satisfying to breathe new life into them -allowing them to be useful, inspiring homes for another 50 or 60 years.Warning: This ain’t no linkbait — it’s 4,998 Retro Renovation University words.A while back, in a story about planning for a kitchen remodel, we asked readers to share their experiences and thoughts.Removing paneling requires some work, but this is the basic process: An efficient way to counter the effect of a low ceiling is to add skylights.

They are usually extremely enthusiastic about getting started with projects — and that’s a good thing — .

They came up with many more, terrific tips on things to consider when you’re considering a remodel.

I agree with the “wait a while” advice–not just to see if what you have grows on you, but because old houses may have expensive-to-fix problems that weren’t immediately apparent and that may be a bigger priority.

The ranch-style home originally was designed to be both affordable and fitting of the minimalist needs of Depression-era families.

This bland home style with low-pitched roofs and closed-off interior rooms proliferated across the U. in the 1950s and continues to perplex homeowners who want to remodel.

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