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This article covers the examples for the following scenario’s for looping through table rows [ALSO READ] WHILE loop in Sql Server To understand the looping of the table records in the above listed scenarios, let us first create a temporary table #Employee as shown in the below image with sample data using the following script.

Script: USE TEMPDB GO CREATE TABLE #Employee (Id INT, Name NVARCHAR(100), Status TINYINT) GO INSERT INTO #Employee ( Id, Name, Status) Values (1, ' Basavaraj Biradar', 0), (2, ' Shree Biradar', 0), (3, ' Kalpana Biradar', 0) GO Issue with example 1’s approach 1 and 2: These example approaches are assuming that looping column values doesn’t have any gap in it.

Using the same key with a different value changes the value.

Example 5-1 declares an associative array that is indexed by a string, populates it, and prints it.

Then in brackets comes the list defining each column in the table and what sort of data type it is.

The syntax becomes clearer with the following example.

So, only create indexes on columns that will be frequently searched against.

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A collection has only one dimension, but you can model a multidimensional collection by creating a collection whose elements are also collections.In SQL Server 2008, you can perform multiple data manipulation language (DML) operations in a single statement by using the MERGE statement.For example, you may need to synchronize two tables by inserting, updating, or deleting rows in one table based on differences found in the other table.Here only one record of the employee with id =1 is displayed and other record is skipped.This problem can solved in multiple ways, below are two such example approaches.

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