Top 5 intimidating european grounds

Therefore, I've created list to rank all 18 MLS stadiums based on the atmosphere that is created by fans.

It is all about elements that make these stadiums an intimidating place to play for opponents, and exemplify the true definition of home-field advantage.

Though Europe knows many sports, it’s football that has earned and maintained the most fanatic of followings across the continent.

Not having a stadium to call their own doesn't help the cause—the club shares the Home Depot Center with the LA Galaxy.

For the last two seasons, Chivas hasn't been able to break the 15,000 regular-season attendance per-game average.

Armando, but is commonly referred to as La Bombonera, meaning the Chocolate Box, a reference to its shape - one totally flat stand along one side and then 3 other sheer sides, rising up almost vertically, giving the stadium fantastic acoustics.

This, combined with Boca's frenzied support, make it a venue to fear for the club's rivals and has lead to Boca's fans being nicknamed La Doce, "the 12th man".

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