Dating psychosis

A person who experiences a psychotic episode while being depressed is a little different than someone with other forms of mental illness.

Delusions of guilt, where the individual feels like he is being punished for something from his past, are not uncommon.

A friend or family member may be the first person who notices that something is wrong.

It can be scary or unsettling to notice unusual symptoms or behaviour in someone you know, but remember that treatment is most effective when psychosis is detected early.

He told the newspaper: “I went back into the bedroom and asked my wife, ‘are you feeling OK. I was ranting, marching up and down, hitting walls, trying to jump out of windows.

My wife ran out and had to get my friends who had to restrain me.” After “corralling” him into the living room and locking the doors, paramedics were called as Fogle started thinking about throwing himself on a glass table and through a window.

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